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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pipe Dreams

   Does anyone remember the 1976 movie, "Sybil", about a gal that had 13 different personalities? Well yesterday my mind was filled with all the things I wanted to do and I realized that I need, not different personalities, but different bodies to do all the things that I desire to do.

How cool would that be! 

     There would be the happy homemaker me, plump with an apron always on, cooking and humming my day away.

     Then there would be the neat freak me, duster in hand, cleaning and organizing every corner of our house.  Next would be the farm girl me, in overalls and knee high muck boots,  not  just taking care of the animals, but talking to them and enjoying everything about them.  All the fences would be perfect, the barn clean and smelling of hay, garden free of weeds and vegies  growing year round….sigh.

      The flower gal would be the next me, always outside digging in the dirt, sun hat on my head, pruners in my hand. Shrubs and flowers flourishing under all the care I would give them.  No weeds in site.  Grass so green and soft you can't wait to take off your shoes the walk through it.  Crafty me would be in neck deep in processing wool and spinning it by the wood stove,10 different knitting project s on the needles and sewing  all over the place. I would be wearing hand made, artsy outfits and always have a homemade gift ready for any occasion .

       I would have to have a people person me.  One who always has time to visit with friends or drop a caring note in the mail for someone. I would be available to go here or there just to spend a  leisurely  day with someone. There would be the construction me, building  all sorts of great things around our farm. Our house would not be a bunch of undone projects, but a place where every where you look there are details of beautifully grained wood making you stop and enjoy. 

    Sitting in a cozy corner  would be the music me, constantly filling the house with the sounds of classical guitar and piano.  This me would be mellow and contented, no worries or hurries, just able to enjoy the making of music. 

      I would have to have the wifey me, with nothing else to do but make the mister happy, and of course, the working me with abounding energy working from dawn to dusk, bringing in lots of money so all the other me-s have plenty to go around.

     Ahhh, the thought of it. To be able to have all the time and energy to do all I want in life.  Oh well, off of pipe dreams, of things that can never be and back to reality. I think the lazy me will go get another cup of tea and make another list…. and ponder awhile about all the stuff I would like to do.

A great day off
I started out my day off with many plans of "must do's".  I had to make something with my sourdough starter, which I got out of the fridge the night before.
 I put together the ingredients for bread and added more flour and water to the starter and put it in the warming over. It had been so long since I had used it that I wanted to make sure it was well fed before I put it back in the fridge.  I set the bread aside to rise and started cleaning the kitchen , one of my must do's. While I was cleaning off our china hutch. I noticed how dirty my old quilt that I had hanging on the wall was. That led to taking it down and putting it in a tub full of water to soak. Now I had a bare wall and the wheels in my head started to turn. Grandma's table (from the 30'sor 40's) was upstairs in our storage area just taking up space…. It would be great in the kitchen, but what to do with the hutch?  So I got out my tape measure and figured out if I moved stuff around in the living room, I could put the cabinet with the mister's nascar and beer glass collection in there and move the hutch where the cabinet was and move grandma's table and chairs where the hutch was. There went my day, but I had a BLAST! I was moving stuff around and baking ( the extra sourdough starter became bagels and chocolate cake with kaluah frosting) and cleaning all day. By the time the mister got home from work I had everything in place.
  I used a funky chair I had gotten at goodwill for corner by the glass door and set up my spinning wheel. I've always wanted to be able to spin in the warm kitchen with a view of our pond and water falls. To celebrate how great it was to have the table and chairs here, I cooked Joe burgers, boiled potatoes, gravey and green beans for dinner. That is a meal that I remember having at Grandma's a lot. (Joe burgers are just hamburger, egg and onions formed into steaks and dredged in flour and fried. Great comfort food) I  baked the sourdough bread in my clay cooker and finally achieved what I have been working at for years. A perfect loaf of sourdough with a thin crisp crust and soft chewy middle. Yeah!
The bagels turned out good and chewy and the chocolate cake… well let's just say that I am not eating low sugar till that baby is gone!
Decorating for Halloween

 Here is the extent of my decorating for Halloween. I had help from all the resident spiders! Why buy the fake stuff when you have the real thing right here!


  1. Oh, I can *so* see you in all those roles! Love the table - there was one in the rec room during my childhood and all us kids took our laundry from it. Nice 'comfort post', Sandy!

  2. great post sis. keep it up. Nice photos too!

  3. I love the table set up! Great post!