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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Holidays...humm the thought makes me hungry

     The Holidays are here and that gets me thinking of food. Of course. It's a family thing. I can't remember from one year to another what the weather is, who was with who or what gifts were given. What I can remember is the food. I can even taste and smell all the wonderful goodies as if they right here in front of me.
     When I think of good times with the family certain foods come to mind. Thinking of my Grandma Rhae makes my mouth water for her creamed new peas, carrots and potatoes, fresh from the garden, served in her big yellow mixing bowl. Thoughts of Grandma Megorden brings to mind Joe Burgers fried to a crisp with boiled potatoes and bowls of chunky applesauce, half frozen. Mom makes me think of cookies. All kinds. Exactly 4 of them in my brown bag for school lunches.
     Thanksgiving has got to be homemade stuffing and rolls. No packaged stuff for our family. And fresh baked pies. Not just enough for one slice each, but oodles for the week after. In fact tonight I'm making 3 pies and it just seems wrong. I usually make 10 or so. Christmas Eve: Scandinavian decent…need I say more. It's a night for family and feasting. Lumpya, shrimp and cream cheese, Shrimp dip with bugles, cookies, candy and of course, because we can't just snack, homemade clam chowder with oyster crackers for dinner. By the end of the evening we are all usually in a stupper from all the great food.


      So here I sit going through my cookbooks for things to make. I love cookbooks. I have one that was my mom's grandmas. It's a notebook with lots of hand written recipes, some noting who they came from and if they were real good. Lots of recipes cut out from magazines and newspapers.              

    This is where my mom must have got the idea from as she was raising us kids. I have her leather 3 ring binder full of recipes that we grew up with. I got it from her when I first went on my own and added my own findings. I can remember when she made certain recipes from that cookbook. For my 14th birthday she let me pick out what I wanted her to make. I chose the angel food cake hollowed out and filled, and I am reminded of that birthday every time I look through the cookbook, searching for some good confection to make.

In one of the little pockets of this cookbook I found a small card showing my sister and cousin had a secret club, with a pledge. I obviously was not invited to be in the club. So many memories in a cookbook. (Memories of my sister and cousin, not the club, as I was not invited to join because it was SECRET)

I also have my Grandma Megorden's cookbook that my mom learned to cook from. Great old fashioned recipes in this one.

 Ok. I'd better stop going down my memory lane of food and start baking. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with lots of memories being made.
                                   Blake Lake
People probably wondered about this old sign on our pear tree when the days were warm and dry. This week you can see the reason for it.

Here are our 2 sheep, Robin and Lucy. I started washing the wool that we sheared from them last spring. Can't wait to start spinning.

I've got to go get pies out of the oven. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

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