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Friday, November 11, 2011

Just Let Go

     When you start to spin wool into yarn the hardest thing to overcome is hanging onto the wool too tight. It's only when you can learn to let go that the wool flows out of your hand and onto the bobbin as a beautiful yarn. When you can relax and just let the fiber flow loosely through you fingers a magical thing happens. The rhythm of your feet on the treadles take over  and your whole body and mind unwind and the stresses of life seem to fade away.

     I realized the other day that I don’t laugh much anymore. The title of this blog is "life and laughs at Sidehill Farm", and people are probably wondering where the laughs are. Heck, I'm wondering where the laughs are. We've had a really hard couple of years. Financial stuff, relationship stuff because of the financial stuff. Me working way too much to try to make ends meet. Me worn out and I hate to admit, somewhat bitter.

      Things are on the upswing now. The mister has a good job close to home and he is excited going to work every morning. I just got a job that is only 4 days a week (yeah, time at home for me). It's steady through the winter and it pays great. So things are looking up at the farm…. but I realized that I am still hanging on to the hurts, frustrations and fears of the last couple of years. I need to stop hanging on to the past. My fault… doesn't matter. His fault…. Doesn't matter. Life sometimes sucks…. Doesn't matter. What does matter is I want to start enjoying my life. Everyday. Little things and big things. Its time to just let go.
   (Great song, give it a listen)


                                     Sister came over and we had a day just
                                 goofing around and the first time in a long time,
                                                         I LAUGHED.

 It's fall and I've been knitting up a storm. Ever since the gals in our knitting club told me that it was okay to have more than one project going at a time, I have enjoyed knitting more than ever! Before I wouldn't let myself do anything else until I finished my project. It became work. Now I have lots of projects all around the house. If I'm tired of working on one, I can grab another.  Fun! Here are some of my finished ones.
Other projects going are socks for the mister (great for knitting on my lunch break), a shawl, a gift for grand-nephew, a totebag (felted). I'm also spinning some great burgundy yarn and will be starting a lace shrug for the holidays.

It's turkey day tomorrow. Not Thanksgiving, but turkey day as in "we live on a farm and raise our own animals", turkey day. Cruel to some, but a way of life on the farm. We know these turkeys have been raised happy (no they don't go around smiling but I can tell they're happy every time I bring them food) and they aren't full of chemicals.
 Hopefully the weather will co-operate and we can go clam digging tomorrow. Heres a picture that I took of the mister and grandson hunting the illusive razor clam. The next is it made better by my very talented sister.Check out her blog, My cottage year on my blog list, to see more of her fantastic art.

Nice picture

              Great Picture! 

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  1. whooty whoo!!! another great insightful post. looking forward to more.