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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Coop De Graw

After a year of eating pale, store bought eggs, I decided that  it was time to  get some chickens again. This time I built a small coop that could be moved around the pasture during the spring and summer and parked in the garden for the winter. I needed something that was secure enough to keep the horrible mink and other predators out, and within sight of the house, so I could keep an eye on them. Being the cheap, I mean frugal, gal that I am, I used mostly materials that we already had. An old 6x6 aviary worked for the run. I used the siding from our old hottub and some pieces of 2x4's we had laying around to build the top part. An old window was fitted with screen that the mister had in the back of his truck. I attached it with hinges so it can be used as a second door to make cleaning easier. All the hinges were gathered from here and there. The tin for the roof was some that we got from someone, so long ago that I don't remember who or why. I used a small shutter that I had in the attic and lath left over from some construction job. I did buy the hooks for locking it up (the hole that allows them down into the run locks up at night... no minks in my coop). I bought 3 quarts of bright colored paint and ta da! The Coop De Graw!
The shutter. There is screen under it so no critters get in
 Nest box has a drop down door on the back to gather delicious eggs.
This is the main door. Their feed tray is right inside, which makes it handy.

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